What are the benefits of an irrigation system?

Saves Time, Water and Money
Instead of checking your plants time to time, the system can be set to daily or weekly watering, as well as timed for specific hours during day or night. The system will also automatically shut the water off when the irrigation process is complete. By having an automated system to distribute your water supply, you do not have to be physically present for the water system to be effective. The automatic shut off will keep your water usage to a minimum, and lower your costs since less water will be used.
Improves Plant & Reduce Weed Growth
When plants, crops, lawns or flowers are watered with smaller amounts of water over a longer period of time, they grow faster, for it is the ideal condition for growth. You will enjoy greener and more luscious gardens and lawns. On the other hand, You will notice a reduction in the amount of weeds appearing, this is because to the fact that those areas that need water are the only areas receiving water.
Preserves Soil Nutrients
Watering by hand often leads to excess water seeping into the soil. Water runoff seeps into the soil and carries precious nutrients away from your plants. Using a hose can also compact your soil, leading to plant suffocation or root disease. Using an irrigation system will preserve your soil structure and keep your plants absorbing nutrients, not the runoff water.
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